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Process Control Engineer, Monsanto, Luling Louisiana

January 25, 2013 Leave a comment

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From the company:

· Responsible for the development and guidance of the Process Control Technicians.

· Work collaboratively with maintenance and production technicians; project, process, and maintenance engineers at this site.

· Leading, developing and maintaining process control design, configuration, simulation, standards, documentation, and operator training.

· Provide expertise in advanced & multivariable, predictive control technology, provide general process control support for capital projects & interface with operations personnel.

· Execute work as an individual or as part of a team.

· Manage multiple projects, tasks and responsibilities.

· Lead projects, project teams and resources (people and money) to stay on budget with minimal to no supervision.

· Set long term goals as it relates to the advancement of process control and new process control technologies within the plant.

· Periodically teach classes in process control to engineers and technicians.

· Assist in managing the long term reliability efforts for the plant process control systems.

· Organize and effectively prioritize work such that it meets the needs of the business.

· Work with Process Engineering to implement control strategies that meet the needs of the business.

· Manage the proper turnover of implemented control strategies to the customer. This includes proper documentation and training of area personnel and follow-up for debugging/refinement.

· Utilize other resources such as the Process Control Technicians to implement control strategies in multiple areas of the plant.

· Champion condition based monitoring to feed SAP information and automatically generate notifications.

– Champion standardized alarm management techniques throughout the plant effective use of Alarm metrics.

· Work with other sites to assist when needed.

· Share innovations plant and corporate wide.


Participate and lead the Luling Plant IPCN Control System effort

Required Qualifications and Experience

· BS or MS in Engineering

· Five years experience in a manufacturing environment

· Familiarity with PRoVOX and/or Delta V distributed control systems


Living in Luling:

Process Control Engineer salary: The average reported income for Process Control Engineer is $68K, ranging from $46K to $102K: Glass Door

The cost of living in Luling is 2% higher than average in the United States: Best Places

Average household income is $66K: City Data

Homes for sale in Luling: Trulia

Crime by neighborhood: Spot Crime

Luling public schools: Overall Luling schools received a 7 out of 10 from Great Schools. Lakewood Elementary received a 9, and R K Smith Middle School received a 6.

Average daily high in August is 91 degrees, average daily high in January is 62 degrees:

Natural disasters that Luling is most susceptible to: Floods and hail:

Luling is in southeast Louisiana, about 18 miles from New Orleans, and has a population of 12K people.