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Quantitative Developer, Quantlab Financial, Houston Texas

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From the company:

Quantlab is a dynamic, technology-driven firm supporting a large-scale quantitative trading operation across a wide range of global financial markets. Founded in 1998, Quantlab is an established presence in quantitative investment management with a track record of consistent profitability under varying market conditions.

To support our ongoing expansion into additional markets, we are seeking to fill the position of Quantitative Research C++ Developer within our Research group.

The successful candidate will be a member of our Research Team and will be responsible for optimizing, enhancing and maintaining our proprietary trading platforms, as well as designing and implementing quantitative tools to support research efforts.

Required Skills:

  • PhD in Math, Engineering, or an equivalent Computational Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • Industry experience with C++
  • Familiarity with Python, C# or equivalent
  • Software profiling and optimization experience
  • Test case and unit test development experience
  • Familiarity with source control systems
  • Experience in scientific programming and numerical methods
  • Experience with BOOST
  • Experience with Visual Studio (both legacy and modern variants)
  • Experience in the financial industry a plus


Living in Houston:

Quantitative Research Analyst salary: The average reported income for Quantitative Research Analyst at Quantlab is $96K, ranging from $51K to $120K: Glass Door

The cost of living in Houston is 11% lower than average in the United States: Best Places

Average household income is $43K: City Data

Average home prices by neighborhood: Trulia

Crime by neighborhood: Spot Crime

Houston public schools overall rate 5 out of 10: Great Schools. A number of individual schools received 10, including Barbara Bush Elementary School, Memorial Middle School, and Kerr High School

Average daily highs in August are 93 degrees, average daily highs in January are 63 degrees: Weather.com

Natural disasters that Houston is most susceptible to: Tornados, hurricanes, flooding, hail, drought, and strong wind: USA.com

Overview of relocating to Houston: YouTube

Houston is the 4th most populous metropolitan area in the United States.



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