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Development Structural Engineer, Dresser-Rand, Albany New York

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From the company:

The Development Engineer will have responsibility for the structural mechanics technology development of Dresser-Rand”s next generation single and multiple stage steam turbines, ensure performance-life-cost trade-offs are considered, and deliver new and improved steam turbine products to meet client needs and market demand.

  • BS in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering
  • 5 years of experience in turbine design or manufacturing
  • Experience in the stress and dynamic analysis of rotating machinery


Living in Albany:

Development Engineer salary: The average reported income for Development Engineer at Dresser-Rand is $73K, ranging from $70K to $76K: Glass Door

The cost of living in Albany is 6% higher than average in the United States: Best Places

Average household income is $38K: City Data

Homes for sale in Albany: Trulia

Crime by neighborhood: Spot Crime

Albany public schools: Overall Albany schools received a 5 out of 10 from Great Schools. Westmere Elementary received a 9, Lisha Kill Middle School received an 8, and Colonie Central High School received an 7.

Average daily high in August is 82 degrees, average daily high in January is 31 degrees: Weather.com

Natural disasters that Albany is most susceptible to: Floods, hail, heavy snow, strong wind: USA.com

Albany is the capital of New York, is located in central New York State just west of the border with Massachusetts and Vermont, and has a population of 100K people.


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