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Manager, Tax R&D, KPMG, Boston Massachussetts

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From the company:

  • Conduct Research and Development (R&D) project management
  • Manage R&D credit studies and related activities
  • Develop and sustain excellent client relationships during delivery of R&D services
  • Assist in new business development, including add-on business
  • Assist other R&D project managers with the delivery of engagements as needed, including research and writing with regard to technical issues
  • Provide R&D quality assurance, engagement reviewer and exam support

Living in Boston:

Tax Manager salary: Not specified. The average reported income for Tax Managers at KPMG is $110K, ranging from $72K to $153K: Glass Door

The cost of living in Boston is 49% higher than average in the United States: Best Places

Average household income is $56K: City Data

Homes for sale in Boston: Trulia

Crime by neighborhood: Spot Crime

Boston public schools: Overall Boston schools received a 4 out of 10 from Great Schools.   Bradley Elementary received a 6, Excel Academy Charter Middle School received a 9, and Match Charter High School received an 8.

Average daily high in August is 82 degrees, average daily high in January is 36 degrees: Weather.com

Natural disasters that Boston is most susceptible to: Earthquakes, floods, hail, heavy snow, strong wind: USA.com

Boston is on the coast of Massachusetts, and has a population of 4 million people.

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