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Process Engineer, Alcoa, Point Comfort Texas

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From the company:

The primary function of this position is to provide technical support for one or more Alumina Plant operating departments, including Digestion, Clarification, Precipitation, and Calcination or the Chemicals Plant .

This position is necessary to support the success of the business at Point Comfort by providing the technical support that maintains and improves production processes in terms of quality, production rate, and efficiency in a manner consistent with the Vision and Values of Alcoa Inc.

This would include: monitoring day-to-day plant operations; working with production personnel to solve process problems and advise corrective actions as needed; utilizing ABS/Lean Manufacturing tools as necessary to improve process stability, reduce costs and/or improve efficiency; participating in the development of standard work instructions; developing project scopes that improve process control and cost performance, reducing or eliminating process variability, or improve reliability of the area etc.

Living in Point Comfort:

Process engineering salary: Not specified. The reported income for Process Engineers at Alcoa ranges from $59K to $80K: Glass Door

The cost of living in Point Comfort is 18% lower than average in the United States: Best Places

Average household income is $39K: City Data

Homes for sale: Trulia

Crime by neighborhood: Not available

Point Comfort public schools overall rate 9 out of 10: Great Schools. Point Comfort Elementary School received a 9, there are no ratings for middle school or high school.

Average daily highs in August are 92 degrees, average daily highs in January are 64 degrees:

Natural disasters that Point Comfort is most susceptible to: Flooding, hail, drought, and strong wind:

Video on Living in Point Comfort: None Available

Point Comfort has a population of 700 people, and is located on the gulf coast of Texas south of Houston.

Mechanical (Engineering) Management Trainee, BNSF Railway, Fort Worth Texas

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From the company:

BNSF Railway operates one of the nation’s largest rail networks, with approximately 32,000 route miles in 28 states across the western two-thirds of the United States. BNSF is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. For more than 160 years we have proudly served our customers by safely and efficiently delivering commodities such as coal, grain, steel and consumer products.

The Management Trainee (Mechanical) position begins with a one week orientation at our Corporate Headquarters in Ft Worth, TX, followed by 4-5 weeks of technical training in Overland Park, KS and Ft. Worth, TX. Afterwards, Management Trainees will be assigned to a mechanical facility at any location on the BNSF system. This is a six to twelve month program that will include: Two to three months: -Service track and repair shop completing orientation with craftspeople and supervisors, as well as performing supervisor duties. -Other functions will include orientation into safety certification, warranty procedures, Best Way, Computer Based Maintenance, Six Sigma, Bad Actor Program, Contract Maintenance and Foreign Billing, Audit Procedures and railroad computer applications. Two to three months: -Technical Training both in the field and at our Technical Training Center in Overland Park. -Classes will consist of EMD and GE Mechanical Basics, locomotive electrical and air brake systems, trainyard inspection and rip track. One month: -Spend with other Departments/Groups, Trainmaster, Yardmaster, Roadmaster, Resource Protection, Claims, Road Foreman of Engines, Car Shop rip track and trainyard, Field Superintendent, Derailment cleanup, Intermodal Yard, Backshop, and Commuter Service. BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: -GPA of 2.75 or above is required -I have a Bachelor’s or graduate degree from an accredited university OR will obtain one before entry into at least one of the applicable MT class start dates (January 2013, June 2013, and September 2013). -Must be willing to relocate. -Must have strong leadership skills with excellent oral and written communication skills. Current cumulative GPA MUST BE LISTED ON YOUR RESUME when completing the BNSF on-line application. Candidate must be extremely flexible about work location. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: -3.5 GPA is preferred -Experience working in a field or operations environment is preferred. -Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical, or Civil Engineering degree is preferred WORKING CONDITIONS: -Primary field environment. Some office. Minimum 40 hour work week. -These positions will be working in a 24/ 7 on-call work environment. RELOCATION: RELOCATION WILL BE REQUIRED as a candidate can be relocated to any location across the BNSF system.

Living in Fort Worth:

Mechanical engineering salary: Not specified.  The reported income for Mechanical Management Trainee at BNSF ranges from $57K to $62K: glass door

The cost of living in Fort Worth is 10% lower than average in the United States: Best Places

Average household income is $48K: City Data

Average home prices by neighborhood: Trulia

Crime by neighborhood: Spot Crime

Fort Worth public schools overall rate 4 out of 10: Great Schools.  Tanglewood Elementary School received a 10, Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts Middle School received an 8, and Trimble Technical High School received a 7.

Average daily highs in August are 96 degrees, average daily highs in January are 57 degrees:

Natural disasters that Fort Worth is most susceptible to: Tornados, flooding, hail, drought, and strong wind:

Neighborhoods in Fort Worth: YouTube

Fort Worth is the 18th most populous metropolitan area in the United States.